In keeping with best industry standards, we have now removed support for the following email SSL and security protocols:

  • sslv2
  • sslv3
  • tlsv1
  • tlsv1_1 

Our apologies to anyone that may need to reset their eMail configuration or install an up-to-date eMail client software package, but we are constantly and conscientiously updating all our services to keep them in line with global industry standards and best practices for privacy and security.

If you are experiencing any difficulties sending or receiving eMail, first log into your web-mail account at and ensure you can send and receive from there. If you can, your settings on your computer/laptop/pad/phone may need attention and you can check the eMail settings you should use by logging into your cPanel account at and navigating to the eMail section where you will see all the settings for each individual email account, and also a variety of auto installer scripts for common email clients and devices.

Monday, January 22, 2018

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