We are expecting to have the next round of system and security upgrades released for installation as early as next week (29th Jan 2018) and probably before the middle of February.

At this point, we shall be returning all our security settings to the current industry standard recommendations which, almost certainly, will prevent older software from connecting to the server to send or receive emails, FTP or even use the generic web addresses to log into their control panels or web-mail.

I am committed to bring you the most up-to-date and safest web hosting and email environment that is available, and that conforms to current industry standards. The consequences are that some older software or operating systems that you use on your computers, that does not adhere to the modern security protocols and cyphers, will either need to be re-configured, updated or replaced to continue using the services we offer.

I apologise in advance to any user that is inconvenienced by this policy, but in today's world, I feel that the security of the whole cannot be compromised by the convenience of the few.

Following the upgrade, I shall publish a list of software and operating systems that I have tested and that works (or doesn't) ............ so check back often !

Please see our Knowledgebase Update policy  for further details.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

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