PHP and hardened PHP updates

Changelog:alt-php51-5.1.6-106    fixed bug #77242: heap out of bounds read in xmlrpc_decode();    fixed bug #77270: imagecolormatch Out Of Bounds Write on Heap;    fixed bug #77371: heap buffer overflow in mb regex functions - compile_string_node;    fixed bug #77380: Global out of bounds read in xmlrpc base64 code;    ALTPHP-686: ... Read More »

31st Jan 2019
cPanel TSR-2019-0001 Announcement

cPanel Targeted Security Release TSR-2019-0001 has been installedThe cPanel Security Team and independent security researchers identified the resolved security issues. There is no reason to believe that these vulnerabilities have been made known to the public. As such, cPanel will only release limited information about the vulnerabilities at this ... Read More »

21st Jan 2019
PHP and hardened PHP updates

Changelog: alt-freetds-0.91.103-2.1 fixed rpath for ... Read More »

17th Jan 2019
PHP and hardened PHP updates

Changelog: alt-sqlite-3.26.0-1 updated to version 3.26.0. alt-php70-7.0.33-2 ALTPHP-637: added recode extension. alt-php71-7.1.25-2 ALTPHP-637: added recode extension. alt-php72-7.2.13-2 ALTPHP-637: added recode extension. alt-php73-7.3.0-2 ALTPHP-637: added recode extension. alt-php70-pecl-ext-1-51 ALTPHP-665: ... Read More »

10th Jan 2019
Happy New Year

Many thanks to all customers for their support over the past year, and wishing everyone a very Happy New Year

1st Jan 2019